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Photo 6 e1318695117147 About The Author   RMS Internet Marketing FreedomHello & Welcome! 

My name is Brad Christy.  Let me tell you about the author – RMS Internet Marketing FreedomToday – me!

Right now it looks like, even if there is any possible retirement for me – it is going to be at age 70 – if ever.   I do enjoy working.  In fact, I am happiest when I am working on the projects I enjoy.  But as I mature,  I also realize that I am the most productive when I am working on those projects that I enjoy the most.  I really don’t want to retire, but I also want the freedom and opportunity to choose what I will work I will pursue.

I have the standard college education, and all the common debt.  I found Chris Farrell Membership and it has made a difference in my future.   I am a member and affiliated with Chris Farrell’s Membership Program.

Did I expect to be here five years ago?  Well – no!  startblock e1318696453276 About The Author   RMS Internet Marketing Freedom

Too late.  .  .  .  .

arrow right2 About The Author   RMS Internet Marketing Freedom.  .  .  .  it is time for action – Today and each and every day thereafter !

A key question for my wife and me is:  “Will inflation undermine our future options with worry and want?   How can we adjust – right now and make a real difference in the future?”   Without the right options and training, there are only a couple of solutions for any thing that even looks like a “retirement”:

1) Cut back – even more;

2) Move in with the kids – if they will have us (wow!); or

3) Go without.

Are any of these options attractive to you?   Well, they certainly are not to us!   But it is up to each of us to chart our own course – take action – make the difference!

I found the IMReportCard.com Number One Rated Internet Training Program Chris Farrell Membership.

Chris’ program matches our approach to Personal Life, Independence and Freedom perfectly.   You might want to read my recent post about Chris’s perpetual high rating in internet training – here.

bridgepainesprarrie About The Author   RMS Internet Marketing FreedomI am working hard – that’s right -  working – frequently, working hard.  That is a key – with Chris Farrell Membership.

It has been my experience that anything worth having is worth working for.   The work we choose for ourselves is often extremely fulfilling – enjoyable – and rewarding.

But, we also believe that success only occurs when we create the opportunity to actually choose our own course.  Chris’ training puts us on the right track to do just that.

Chris is teaching us new skills and techniques that help us focus each of the new internet marketing skills we need today – well before our chosen career change or even late retirement.

More importantly, our skills – properly applied – will serve us very well – long into our retirement too – when and if we ever need to.  After all we know that even in retirement we must find reasonable ways to supplement our incomes.  Internet Marketing is an excellent means to that very important end!

Learn and Produce Value

My wife and I are in absolute agreement, we never intend to stop learning and producing value.   Why not be paid for these skills and the enjoyable effort that comes with them?

We are going to find the answers to the question – How much money will we have – with action so we can do what we want.   Better yet – Chris is teaching us the internet market skills that will permit US to decide when and even if we will or have to retire.

After all – this is just another career change for us.  Activity is the key to a long – healthy – productive – life.  We want to decide what we will do.  We don’t want our financial circumstances to limit those choices.

star 01 e1318696575251 About The Author   RMS Internet Marketing FreedomI hope you will follow along - give your opinion when you wish – and join in this fantastic adventure !

Bookmark our site and continue to follow our updates.  We intend to share our experiences and insights we gain from our training.

We will also describe how these new found techniques are applied to our plans for multiple streams of income.

Come on along – we would sincerely enjoy having you with us.  Drop a note in the comment section below.  You may even want to opt in to our list and get Chris’s fantastic book “Create Your First Website By 3:45 This Afternoon” – absolutely free with no obligation or up-sell at all.

Once you opt in to get your free copy of “Create Your First Website By 3:45 This Afternoon”,  you will get a full year of free training information directly from the “Chris Farrell Success Grenade Library”.

As you read Chris’ book and apply its principals, you will have the Success Grenade series arriving about once a week. 

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Take Your Time – But Make a Decision!

Save Your Money – ’till You Are Sure

We suggest you put your wallet away- learn all you can free.  Then you will have a better basis to decide what you want to do and who is best positioned to help you reach your goals.

Then you can decide if you want to joint us in Chris Farrell Membership and get free access to an entire library of internet skill materials.  Chris also provides free – unlimited hosting – as part of his membership.

Chris provides fantastic technical support to help get new folks up and running as well.  In fact you might want to read my post about my personal experience with Chris’ fabulous technical support and staff.  Click here and read it free as well.

Sure, you may eventually choose Chris but after some experience you may also find Pat Flynn or Internet Business Mastery are a better fit.  I am also an affiliate of Internet Business Mastery.  Affiliate links are part of internet business and useful to quickly navigate to key sites on the net.   These programs have yet another world of information – in my view usable once you “get your feet wet”.

If you do join through my affiliate link you will pay absolutely nothing extra.  But if you let me know when do join – we may end up working together on projects.  Just leave us a note in the comment box below – we will answer!

We sincerely wish you every success regardless of your choice.  Frankly, it is important that you do choose and act on your schedule – but that you do act.

Nonetheless, we sincerely hope to hear from you soon in any case – just let us know how you are doing – Cheers!


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We Would Enjoy Working With You – Too!


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