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chrisreachingdown e1302567096460 Chris Farrell Membership #1, April 2011What are we all looking for in internet marketing today?  Someone to show us the way?  Guide us to success?  In my opinion Chris Farrell is just that trainer – leader – mentor.

There are a number of ways we can check out the value of a program or product on the internet.  Social proof is the most common – and often the most reliable – today on the internet.

What is social proof?  It is essentially, determining what others say and drawing your conclusion based on their commentary.

For example if we want to know if a Cadillac or BMW is a good car for us – we might ask around.    First, we  look directly at the product.  We like the style, the interior, the engine – decide that it is worth looking more.wave Cadillac DTS 800 1 Chris Farrell Membership #1, April 2011

We check with friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and the like.   Some of us will simply Google the name or key word.

Then we check out the sites that pop up.  Many sites include blogs and commentary that discusses the program or product.  There are pictures, maybe some technical commentary and so on.

We  assimilate all the information and draw a conclusion – the Cadillac is for me!

The Internet and Buying Today

Take that same social proof model and look at the way many make purchases on the internet.  But let’s focus on training – training to use the internet to earn an income.

Now there may not be so many friends and family.  As a matter of fact, many in that group will just laugh – I know that is my experience.

Wow – talk about taking the wind out of your sails.  So what’s next?

We search the internet – Google – Yahoo – Bing and read the materials that pop up.  Blogs provide some commentary.

Then there is also a lot of marketing materials – sales pitches on a whole host of things saying “buy mine – you will make Millions overnight !”  I don’t know about you but that kind of pitch really just drives  me away.

So where else?  The internet has a web site called created for people on the internet – many in the know – to provide their commentary.  They comment – pro and con – on products on which they have information.

These Reviews Are Real

A quick check of the site and you will find ratings all the way from “A” – Excellent; to “F” – worst.  Now – read the commentary that follows each rating.

I hope you will agree that you can tell that these raters have personal, first hand experience with the product they are describing – and rating.

In my opinion – this is one of the best sites for reliable information on internet products – especially training and money-making programs.

Chris Farrell’s Rating

So why write this post?  Because Chris Farrell is still – that’s right – still rated #1 for training.   His banners show a #1 rating in 2009 & his credibility has not diminished a bit.

What we have done here is take the rating table directly from

When we extracted this particular table of the Top 25, we saved the links directly to rating pages.

Check out these ratings.  But first – look closely at the numbers of “grades” – 1,089 and “comments” – 785, as of April 11, 2011.

So what?  Do you see anyone – I mean anyone – even close in the top 25 with the number of grades and comments – let alone the positive ratings.

These Chris Farrell members obviously feel very strongly about their purchase.

Read the table.  Click through to the IM Report pages and read more.  Oh yeah, the links open in a different window.  Pretty cool – learned that from Chris too.

Go ahead – check it out — social proof on steroids — promise.

Top 25 Rated Services (accord to


Service Name Avg. Grade Grades Comments
1. Chris Farrell Membership A 1089 785
2. Histats A 86 46
3. SocialOomph A 51 26
4. Bronto A 28 10
5. Affiliate Power Group A 26 20
6. Top3Percent A 23 14
7. Associate-O-Matic A 20 11
8. Your Mailing List Provider A 14 7
9. Wolf Storm Media A 13 9
10. NameCheap A- 287 167
11. Yola A- 132 79
12. AWeber A- 115 59
13. PollDaddy A- 105 64
14. HostGator A- 103 27
15. Ezine Articles A- 102 30
16. Google Analytics A- 97 22
17. Instant Banner Creator A- 83 56
18. StatCounter A- 80 32
19. Link2Me A- 77 37
20. Zoomerang A- 69 30
21. Survey Monkey A- 69 21
22. OnlyWire 3.0 A- 68 36
23. Adgitize A- 67 33
24. Adscend Media A- 65 26
25. My Silent Team A- 60 21


What Is The Secret?

In my opinion – Chris Farrell does not do hype.  He is the real deal – down to earth and realistic.  These qualities come across in every single video on his site.

I have been working on this program since February.  It is fantastic and lives up to every published promise, rating and comment I have found on the internet.

60px KompoZerLogo.svg 2 Chris Farrell Membership #1, April 2011Let me be totally honest.  I had Kompozer and Filzilla on my desktop and didn’t know what I had or how to use them – properly.

That is I didn’t know how to use Kompozer and Filzilla until Chris Farrell took me through each of these free programs and showed me exactly how to create my own website in just an hour – or less.

I want you to know each program had technical materials – also free.  Didn’t help me.  I needed “hands on” videos with someone who would say “. . . o.k. next we will . . .  ‘

The result is unbelievable for me.fz3 win main small e1302569423197 Chris Farrell Membership #1, April 2011

So what?  Well,  the true test of training is its value to the user.   For example, Chris taught me how to do FTP and work HTML code.

I was at work a week later and bang – I had to use those skills.  By the way – I am pumped – everybody and I mean everybody in my office had problems.  I did not – thanks to Chris and his training.

But it wasn’t just the technique – it was the overall concept, its employment in multiple situations – successfully.

That is truly effective training – at least for me.  I learned a skill and at the same time learned how to apply that skill in a variety of contexts.

Chris starts out in the very first introduction buy saying this is not a get rich quick program.  Leave if your are looking to “get rich quick” – that is not our purpose.

This is training in a business.  Treat it like a business and Chris promises rewards.  Those rewards are strictly up to you.  Isn’t that what we really want – what we really need – what we really deserve?

What’s In The Program?

Chris Farrell has a fantastic training site – rich with fantastic materials and instruction.  The instruction first.  There is no better, more detailed and factual record in training today.  I have taken other programs – this is the best by far.  Every item Chris teaches is reproducable.  That is the real test of a valid training program.

Chris like other trainers of similar caliber will tell you in unison – “over deliver – quality content”.  I have watched Chris closely and he delivers on that mantra.  Free squeeze pages, free ebooks to draw quality traffic, free videos and training material in every category.

I am not going to spend time covering every aspect because his video will take you through an introduction very quickly.Chris Welcome e1302567349525 Chris Farrell Membership #1, April 2011

Join At Virtually No Risk – I Dare You

Here is the closer.  Join for just two weeks and check it out yourself.  Test drive it just like I test drive my Cadillac.  Plus a host of free materials for all members.

Compare Chris to other programs and then make your own assessment.

Now for the real kicker – join for less than $5 bucks!  There is no where in town I can go and spend just $5 bucks.  Coffee and a sandwich is more than that today.  Go to Starbucks – what is that setting you back.

Wouldn’t you invest the price of a cup of coffee in training that will last a life time?  Chris is right once you learn these skills – and they are skills – you have something no one can take away from you.

No boss to fire you; no family to laugh at you; no friends to hassle you.  I found an incredible trainer – real – sincere – skilled – qualified.  I sincerely want you to find him too.



Brad Christy
I Am Working! – on the Chris Farrell Internet Marketing Program.
Voted #1 Internet Marketing Service online by


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