How to Get Search Engine Optimization One Link At A Time for Just $0.14 a Pop!


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The SEO At Work !

The Search Engine Optimization Rule: Backlinks are Critical


The main aim of every online business is to achieve good visibility. Making an impression in the vast expanse of the World Wide Web is not easy today.


Read thru to the end and you will also find a special bonus waiting for you as well !


Getting SEO rankings takes a whale of a lot of time – more than the budding marketer has to spend – without shorting some other critical tasks.


Nevertheless, if you want SEO rankings – they require an investment in work.  What is the pay-back?


- The higher a website ranks,

- The more popular the site becomes

- Traffic Volume shoots up

- Sales often follow for targeted efforts.


Grab The Search Engines !skill How to Get Search Engine Optimization One Link At A Time for Just $0.14 a Pop!


We all know that the SEO means optimizing the information on each site to grab the search engine attention and draw the site to the top of the rank for the category or listing in our competition.


Most trainers or marketing experts will subdivide SEO as a system into two incremental parts of the whole – process.


What can a marketer do to improve the chances that SEO will find them and alert their market?

Benefits of our Directory Submission Service


The marketer needs permanent one-way links.  How about being manually submitted to up to 1497 quality web directories.


But more than that the marketer needs to increase the chances of directory approvals.  That is done by  ensuring that your site details meet all directory guidelines and are submitted under the most relevant category.


A Directory Submission Service like do just that.


What do these services do?


num1 How to Get Search Engine Optimization One Link At A Time for Just $0.14 a Pop!First, “on-page optimization”


On-Page Optimization is that group of  techniques, tricks, tips, skills and other twists we use on a site to squeeze the most out of the internal structure of the site.  It you have a blog you know about all the SEO plug ins, key word and original content that is essential to a ranked site on the net today.


num2 How to Get Search Engine Optimization One Link At A Time for Just $0.14 a Pop!Second “off page optimization”


Off Page Optimization is much different.  This is simply those approaches to optimizing the website’s external environment – where it lives.


You shouldn’t miss an important element of off page optimization – Building links to quality online directories.  This one feature of SEO that will increase a site’s presence and visibility on the internet.


Enough links can “shout” to the search engines – take me – take me – here I am – and I am popular!


Time Tested Approach to SEOwritinggraphicball e1306463752129 How to Get Search Engine Optimization One Link At A Time for Just $0.14 a Pop!


Link building has been around for years – it stands the test of time – each new approach to SEO always comes back to link building in some form.


AtoZ thumbnail redwhite How to Get Search Engine Optimization One Link At A Time for Just $0.14 a Pop!A Free Guide To Explain the “Ins and Outs”


I found a fantastic eBook from Directory Maximizer that lays out all the details.  I tell you how to get it below.


There are screen shots and key descriptions of who – what – when – and how of link building.  A good reading shows you what to do and how to place your site in the directories for the greatest SEO impact.


They Are Everywhere – Knowing Which To Use


The truth is that free directories live all over the web.  You can find virtually any category on the internet from angora to zebra with a little practice.  These directories actually help people find what they want and will not demand a link in return.


Maybe one of the most popular is  It is certainly well known, however; the wait list can take a very painful long time in getting linked there.  That is not a problem for those aggressive enough to strike out on their own to find other sources.


Strength In Numbersstudentcomputer How to Get Search Engine Optimization One Link At A Time for Just $0.14 a Pop!


Just like many other aspects of internet marketing –everything in link build is driven by numbers.  Disregard search for “high quality” links thinking that will make up for a low number of links.  The SEO systems look for multiple – multiple links.


But there is a “catch” – too many of the same site or building your web site’s inventory of back links “too fast” will actually have the reverse effect we intend – the search engines expect links to grow like people search patterns grow.


A site with no links tonight and 350 in two days will be treated differently than the same site that “build up” those 350 over a six or eight month period.  The lesson is “blasting” or “shotgun” methods may back fire (get the pun ?)


Here Is Just One Answer


Time is not on your side if you build links manually on your own.  Help is available – but remember the caveat – just like a good business or fine wine – links must grow at a controlled rate.


Manual submission services are one of the effective ways of building the right links the first time – that will serve you for years.  One of the services is Directory Maximizer.


The Reason Why A Service Is A Good Choice


Tell me you do something “automatically” on the internet and I will show you errors and rejects.  The Directory Maximizer is a service.  Sure I am promoting it – but it won’t cost you one more cent to check it through this link.  If you are worried about the affiliate link – it may not be for you.


The service uses real people – they seek errors and correct them.  They keep the process alive and make it happen.  They are critical to adjusting category on a directory to get it listed properly.


You also keep complete control – you can select as few or as many listings as you want.  The slow approach will always produce the best long term result.  Pick a number – 15 sites every fourth day.  Before long the links will grow naturally.  The search engines – treated properly by day will see a “natural growth” of links and give them more attention than a single mass loaded in a few hours.


anchor e1306464197516 How to Get Search Engine Optimization One Link At A Time for Just $0.14 a Pop!Change Up – Anchors are Key !


You will be well advised to ensure that you have several versions of your anchor text.   The anchor text used in backlinks is key in obtaining high rankings for given keywords.  One internet marketer offered backlinks for a review.


But not just a review of a product – the review had to have key works “make money online” in the anchor text.  Imagine the response.  You can read that that one approach earned that marketer a number one ranking on google.  Nothing smarter for rankings!


But with a service, you will need to be cautious.  Search engines will spot over use of a single anchor and that could slow ranking.  The Directory Maximizer will permit you to list up to five anchor text and description combinations.  You can also give them weights and rotate their use to mimic natural loadings.


The Number of Directories is Growing


The system has broken through 900 directories for submissions.  I hope you can see it would take a long time to saturate those directories that apply to your niche – unless it is super specialized or small.


Price News – Good News For Newbies Too !manlargedollar How to Get Search Engine Optimization One Link At A Time for Just $0.14 a Pop!


Setting up directory submission is a lot of work.  It is a specialty and those that do it frequently develop skills and ways of making every second count – for them.  Directory Maximizer’s team has harnessed that ability to be efficient and passed it on in price.


Each submission is just $0.14 – that’s right just fourteen cents for each submission.  It will add up over time – but isn’t your time worth something?  Presuming it is you or them – and they cost just $0.14 for each load of your site – not click now this is loading the site.


The system has a minimum order – just $5.00.  Do the math and that is about 35 sites.


One provision though is some directories will require an email confirmation to activate the link.  That will take a click – from you.  But that actually encourages you to keep the daily totals low.  Plus that is a click away and is still a lot less than loading a site from scratch – then acknowledging it in an email.


What does a directory service allow the marketer to do?


Some services provide the ability to targetreally focus on multiple search terms.  In some instances you can submit up to 20 different titles and descriptions using the services.


picture video marketing 300x238 e1306889702814 How to Get Search Engine Optimization One Link At A Time for Just $0.14 a Pop!Marketers have the choice of various submission options – often at no extra or very little cost.  What does that mean?


With that flexibility – you are able to target and focus your campaign.  Some marketers will choose a specific number of directories in a market to “capture” their share of the information on the topic.


The services and a little research will help sharpen that focus by looking at page rank of the directories being considered.  Everyone that meets or exceeds the top 10% of ratings is a candidate for the most aggressive.


Not everyone has a bundle to put down right away.  The directory service will also help the marketer set a pace and build up to the market share the wallet and campaign will sustain.


Pick A Service that Will Avoid Duplication


Services can allow you to submit to as many as 100 directories every month for 12 months.  Make sure the service you select keeps track of all the submissions you make thru them as well as those you tell them about .


Services will sometimes will act like a separate employee – working on just your project.  They can set up a separate email account for the directory submissions they make.  They will handle the emails created by the submission.  The high end service will have some report for you to help you keep track of your focus and flow of marketing.


Here Is The Way I See It


Check out Directory Maximizer.  As a bonus for checking it out – before you leave the site – click the icon below this paragraph and you can get a free ebook that goes into fantastic detail on link building and its strengths.  It also talks about the myths that have built up over the years about links and what you need to know to get the maximum benefit from them.


Remember, you can place orders from as little as $5.  Won’t you agree that can be a great value for money at just 14 cents per directory submission?


Just 100 directories can be updated with your targeted backlink information for as little as $14.  That is a one-time fee.  There are no other costs involved.


Go ahead – click on this icon and take a look at the free ebook – the good marketers will study, evaluate and measure their attacks on the market – to get the maximum advantage for each movement they make.  Can you find backlinks like this – the quality?  The amount?  The low cost?  The verification?

AtoZ thumbnail redwhite How to Get Search Engine Optimization One Link At A Time for Just $0.14 a Pop!

Oh – yeah – HERE IS A REAL BONUS FOR YOU.  Just click thru on any of these icons and get the FREE EBOOK — PLUS — Chris Farrell’s Success Series – “Success Grenades” for the next YEAR – ABSOLUTELY FREE!



See – it pays to read the entire article.  I hope you get as much from Chris’ work as the thousands of highly satisfied members on his site.  There is simply no better training available today.


Best of luck – Cheers !


Brad Christy
I Am Working! – on the Chris Farrell Internet Marketing Program.
Voted #1 Internet Marketing Service online by


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