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“Retirement” according to Wikapedia is the point at which a person stops working entirely.

This is a relatively new concept having been first introduced in Germany in the 1880s.  We want to describe how retirement to internet marketer today is possible.

The Wikapedia definition continues on to say that today most developed countries have systems to provide pensions on retirement in old age.

These systems may be sponsored by employers and/or the state.

Boomers Are Retiring Daily

According to a recent NEWSMAX article,10,000 boomers retire each day.

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Don't Just Sit There - Make It Happen!

The question for everyone today is exactly what are you looking forward to – really what can we expect?  The American Dream blog has 16 eye popping statistics about our retirement.  You can read the entire article – here.  But number 13 really got our attention.  According to American Dream Blog:

  • In 1950, each Social Security benefit was paid for by 16 U.S. workers.
  • In 2010, each Social Security benefit is paid for by 3.3 U.S. workers.
  • By 2025, there will be approximately 2 U.S. workers for each retiree.

We all have to wonder the same thing the American Dream Blog asked: “How in the world can the system possibly continue to function properly with numbers like that?”

ANSWER: We are responsible to plan – and plan well.  That plan will require we work well past 62.  Why not do something that we enjoy – fun and provide a supplemental income without depending on a “boss” or “job”?  Internet marketing is a new opportunity for us all.

Warning Signs

The NEWSMAX article 10,000 Boomers Retire Each Day for 19 Years says we are vulnerable now – if we think we will “retire”.   Look at these statements and then think again about “retirement”:

  • Mortgage Debt. Nearly two in three people age 55 to 64 had a mortgage in 2007, with a median debt of $85,000.
  • Social Security. Nearly 3 out of 4 people file to claim Social Security benefits as soon as they’re eligible at age 62.
    • Get 25 percent less retiring at 62 instead of full retirement age,
    • Wait ’till 70 years and get 75 to 80 percent more than at age 62.  Get about $800 more a month.
  • Medical Costs. Health care expenses are soaring.
  • Employment. Boomers need to work longer. Unemployment is near 10 percent.  At 62 – where are the good jobs?
    • The average unemployment one 55 and older was 45 weeks in November. That’s 12 weeks longer than for younger job-seekers. It’s also more than double the 20-week period this group faced at the beginning of the recession in December 2007.

Answer To Retirement Is Don’t

SSABook e1334023277340 Retirement To Internet Marketer TodayYou and I have to plan and work smart.  Retirement – early – is gone.

We have to stay physically active and healthy in order to do what we must to make a living.  There are two primary steps.

First – as you reach the official age – file for your “benefit”.  Choose 62 if work is scarce or go for 70 if you can hold out.

Second – find work compatible with your “new lifestyle”.  Like it or not, we will be doing something productive for the rest of our lives.  It may as well be something we can enjoy and that keeps our minds active – very active.

We are adamant, most of the boomers today have a passable command of computers.  You are reading this blog on your own computer, lap top, cell phone or I Phone.

You can review your copy here - quickly and make a decision that will change your retirement for ever – all for the cost of a single meal out.  Log in here and see.

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We are affiliated with Chris Farrel Membership.  Chris is the number one internet marketer today.  His training will fill in your blanks and help you develop a strong knowledge of earning on the internet.

Supplement your income with internet marketing revenue.  We don’t say “I did so you should”.  Take a look at Pat Flynn’s blog

Each and every month for a the last two years, Pat publicly reports his internet income.  He started in the low $100/day and now reports incomes over $20,000 – each month – in just two years.  Check out this example – here.

Internet marketing is available to anyone willing to work and study hard.  There is no certainty – the opportunity could be your solution for a long term financial solution.

Apply your skill and make the internet a resource to supplement or even replace your income – now.

Plan For Social Security

Get your copy of Social Security Retirement Guide.  You simply must know the facts.  The sooner you get an informed plan together – the sooner you will be on your way to a much happier second or third career.   Jim Blair of Social Security Retirement has put together an exceptional 70 page guide to Social Security.

Believe me – Jim’s quick read is a whole lot easier to understand than anything the Federal Government puts out.  This is what the guide does:

  • It walks you through the specific claiming options and long term strategies needed to secure the most from your retirement benefits.
  • It provides insight into a long list of items Jim learned during a long career with the SSA
  • Delivers a simple approach to choose the best options for you and your family’s future.

Today’s Social Security Administration Service Is Very Limited

It is hard to believe in the US – but true.  We are struggling and fighting individually against the Social Security Administration trying to get our “benefits”.

It is often like taking the battle field with a plastic helmet and plastic sword.

Check it out – most “field offices” today are just drop boxes.  Employees know little more than you or I today.  You wait a long time on the phone to get even the simplest “answers”.

The Important Answers Are Here

No one resource is perfect.  But you will get all your key answers directly from Jim Blair’s guide.  For less than the price of a restaurant meal your copy of Social Security Retirement Guide will:

  • Help spot costly errors
  • Find omissions costing us money on our SSA application
  • Deliver more knowledge in every page
  • Show how to increase  benefits by up to $100 monthly

Answers Are Fast

It is time to “get with it” and see information consumption for what it is.  We don’t need printed pamphlets or booklets or other stuff.  We want the “knowledge” in those records – not the records themselves.

The Social Security Retirement Guide is a digital book in PDF format.  You will not be sitting on your porch waiting for some physical product or envelope to arrive in the mail.  Today we all get what we really want – knowledge – right through our computer.  Your Guide will be ready immediately for you to download – read – and  appl

A Guarantee

guarantee Retirement To Internet Marketer Today

Quick Access - Satisfaction Guaranteed!

You are able to purchase  Social Security Retirement Guide with an iron clad 60 Day Guarantee.  It is the industry standard hassle-free return policy.

If for any reason in those 60 days you decide Social Security Retirement Guide isn’t for you – just send an email and get your money back – period – no questions.  You should know how impressive our customers have been.  Nobody has asked for their money back at all.


The Bonus was developed to ensure the client got more than they expected.   With your purchase you will get:

  • Your Retirement Planning Guide.  A 64-page analysis of all the “stuff” you should plan for prior to retirement.   This includes steps in financial planning to long-term health care.  These are essential components of a stress-free retirement.
  • Ultimate Resource for Baby Boomers.  A new 88-page book with plan outlines to show you the challenges during retirement,

Did You “Already File”?

If you filed less than a year ago – you still have time to study the guide.  You will find missed benefits and refile your social security application – a one time event for each individual.  Don’t take a chance – all you need is the price of a meal to save years of regret and lost benefits.

What To Do Now

Retirement faces everyone – you could be 39 or 59 or 66.  Do not fool yourself – don’t wait until it becomes so tough to solve your situation.

Get Jim Blair’s Social Security Retirement Guidehere.

Read Jim’s recommendations.  Study the two bonus books on planning and resources.


  • First – join Chris Farrell Membership today – learn how the internet works and how you can learn to supplement your income well into retirement.
  • Second – get Jim’s book here.
  • Third – apply the graphic steps to your future.  Apply it.
  • Fourth – study Chris Farrell’s approach to building a long term internet business.
  • Fifth – come on back and drop your comments with our blog.  Let our readers share in your search.  Your success and your failures.  They are all helpful to everyone.

Until next time – Cheers !




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