What Blog Readers Want – Part III


Here Are The Last Four Thing To Remember


blog What Blog Readers Want   Part IIIWe discussed in What Blog Readers Want – Part I what readers are looking for in creditability.


We discussed in What Blog Readers Want – Part II The First Three Things to remember regarding the blog audience.


We want to close this series with the last items that all blogs should consider.  We also promised Proof of The Concept – you will find that in number 7 below.


Watch how the “professional” handles the issue of credibility -  how they can make “lemonade out of lemons”.


4. More Benefits


Multiple articles will actually generate more searches.  Let that sink in for a moment.  One article = one search.  The same article broken into bite size chunks – say four = four searches.  Do the math in 30 days get four times the searches on the articles written in that time if you learn to harness this key principal.design pic Left e1305158823118 What Blog Readers Want   Part III


Each article (part) title can be responsible for its own search term.  You can actually post parts I, II, III, and IV in one or two days and get tremendous response from the search engines.


5. Early On Don’t Rely on Guest Posts

The natural tendancy is to look for “others” who can contribute and take the load.  Don’t be seduced.  There is no other personality like “you” no matter how much you don’t want to believe it.


Your readers – the ones who are anxious to read your post – are searching for “you” in each post. Deliver on that early and consistently and it will produce long term results.  A reputation that is untouchable.multicolorbutton What Blog Readers Want   Part III


Guest posts won’t always produce the result you want.  Remember we are all motivated by our own self interest.


That means guests are seeking exposure and traffic back to their writing.  In the long term, these posts may be useful to sustain a blog but early on they will simply confuse the quality and personality of the blog – perhaps even dilute it to the point it has no attraction for the hard core reader we all search for.


6. Be Personal and Original – In Everything !

Here is the internet warning - Google rewards original authors.  Just like our blog – Google relys on originality to draw readers back for a long list of reasons.  They are “slapping” down inane writing those that are just “spinning articles” eventually get cought and banned.  Don’t let your program end up there.


You are a unique individual – be original in your work – Google will recognize that and you will receive long term rewards for the effort.


7. Finally – Content – Content – Content – That Is Value


Maybe some lip service here on the internet today – but the concept is “right on” and bears repeating. We have described this concept in several ways in this article – don’t waste your time.


Don’t waste reader’s time.  And do not waste your loyal list member’s allegiance by failing to deliver absolute quality content every time.

 What Blog Readers Want   Part IIISome of us remember the Rocky series.  Sylvester Stallone actually apologized for Rocky V.


He frankly told the British press – he was sorry for that movie.  His reason – he was “greedy at the time”.


Stallone went on to redeem himself – but remember he had Rocky I, II, III and IV first.  The loyal following survived.


Hey – Yo !  If Rocky realizes a loyalty to his audience – we should too – right?


The point is that is not possible for those starting out.


Cheers !


Brad Christy
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