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In My Last Post

In our last post Why Internet Marketing Now? — Part I we sized up a phenomenal market just cresting the horizon – the boomers.

They will be with us for 25 – 35 years.  No one really knows what their contributions will be – but history tells us “we are in for a wild ride”.

We argue that this is a restless group – they have a need to be productive, achieve, be of service and above all remain mentally active and learn – every day.

Does that sound like your experience in internet marketing?  I wake up most mornings, thinking about what I will do in my own internet business.

I am building for the future – I have to start now to start to build a business I want and will grow for years to come.

But I got ahead of the article.

These Are New Consumers !

Think about this generation’s experiences.  The TV, radio advertising, mass media all grew up along with this generation.  Cars, watches, TVs, DVD, IPods, etc. etc.

This generation grew up with Vance Packard – author of the Waste Makers – 1960 where he introduced the concept of “planned obsolescence”.packard Why Internet Marketing Now?       Part II

Now that was a theory that showed how the consumer oriented economy was born and put on steroids almost before our very eyes.

The environmental activists and social reformers of this same generation grew in answer to the perceived waste and lack of quality Packard described in his book.

Next time you buy tires, a TV, a washing machine, microwave, tell me if you already are thinking about what to do to replace it when it is “outdated” or “wears out”.  That is Vance Packard speaking to you through the generation.

Some real opportunities exist in these growth markets – today for this generation.

Interesting Facts About The Baby Boomer – A New Market and Marketer At The Same Time

StreetInsider.com quotes a recent U.S. Trust Insight On Wealth and Worth that addressed some of the issues we have described here.  According to that survey a lot will change in the near future.

Nearly three quarters of those surveyed said that their wealth is the result of their hard work, goal orientation and focus.  As many as half of this group will quickly say they sacrificed  their personal life, relationships and even health to “make it”.

OK this was the “warm up” for the real reason I am writing.  What can we do as internet marketers?  Do?  You bet.  Two perspectives.

First, to sustain ourselves we have to be profitable – so how do we serve this market profitably?  But in order to be successful – long term – we have to really serve – produce and deliver true value to that market.

How do we do that?

The Starting Bellhorsestartgate Why Internet Marketing Now?       Part II

Here is the bell weather – our call to action.

That StreetInsider.com article quoting the U.S. Trust Insight On Wealth and Worth report found that nearly half (46%) of the boomer generation said they will continue working – start a second career.  Some of them also intend to “give back” and volunteer.

That survey also found that many in this generation are now going to “enjoy” their success.

But I believe the word “enjoy” may mean something different to this group of achievers.

They want to travel, focus on relationships (the ones that they sacrificed earlier), making their goals more important now that they have the ability, health and time to make things happen.

What Internet Marketing Will Do – With Baby Boomers

The recent economic collapse had many impacts.  In addition to all the “problems” it caused it also focused some creative energy into the future – for everyone’s advantage.

They Retired “On Time” At 65 and Went Back To Work At 67 – To What?

enronsale e1303865494110 Why Internet Marketing Now?       Part III know of a family that had virtually everything in Enron when it tanked in 2001-2002.  Their entire retirement was almost completely wiped out.

Nearly 55 years of hard work, skimping and saving – all to be lost for issues we just don’t want to discuss here.

At any rate – this family was from the Pre boomer generation.

What did they do?  Well, dad had been “retired” about a year.

He was just crossing 67 and said – well back to work.  He picked up odd work everywhere.  The most impressive, he ferried cars between dealerships all over nearly half the U.S.

drivecar e1303866600569 Why Internet Marketing Now?       Part IIHe and his wife would jump in a brand new Ford Pick Up drive for two days.  Drop off one truck and drive a brand new Mercury back to another dealership.

Then after four days on the road head home in a new Ford Mustang!

Not too bad – until he hit 69 1/2.

One early – I mean early morning -  about 4AM – dad backed up in the dealership parking lot – right over a fire hydrant! hydrant Why Internet Marketing Now?       Part II

That ended his driving career.  Social security would provide some income but it didn’t even come close to what was needed.

Mom continued to plan social events, make cakes, arrange flowers, shuttled kids all for pay – and did fairly well.  That lasted three years – then she got cancer.

At Just 69 1/2 Out Of Work Again – Now What?

There is only so much the human body can tolerate.  The point – this is only the tip of the ice berg.  The mind – the mind was so active and sharp.  But “work” available didn’t match either the skill levels or the continued high financial need.

Internet Marketing – Skills We All Have

Regardless of health, mobility, and time, the internet can offer an outlet to our Boomers – if presented right.

dollarsign e1303866113385 Why Internet Marketing Now?       Part IIMany have discovered that retiring means leaving a $5,000 to $8,000 monthly income and relying on savings, investments, social security.  Good luck.

In today’s economy that won’t last long.  It won’t even last that long with this new group of achievers, goal oriented, focused workers.

You should be sensing a “theme” here.

If you had a business that trained boomers and other how to create another source of income.  Perhaps their own business – built slowly – ready to fill the gaps – and match their changing physical capacity?

Can you help with the right internet training.  This is a well educated, smart, motivated generation.  They have skills, talents and drive.  They have skills to sell – not just money making projects but selling every product you can imagine.  J.C. Penney and F.W. Woolworth did it with bricks and morter in the last centruy.

The internet offers that opportunity again — to a much larger global market.  Do you think Mom and Dad, with their get up and go – could have made it work?

There are affiliate programs, you can offer your own products and ebooks, how tos and cook books – the list grows.

In my next post in this series – what the internet could have meant to the “hero” of our story.  Dad and Mom kept working – they didn’t give up.  Just like the Boomer generation that followed them.  Commitment and determination saw them through.

Be sure to follow this next post and see if you agree how the internet will serve us all in the future.

Until then if you like this article and series – click the “like” button.  Then please post  your comments in the space below.

I am very interested in your view and opinion on this new “growth” market.

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