Write As An Expert

Write As An Expert

buda e1345422158875 Write As An ExpertIt is the right time to post on one of the main energies of writing – expertise and how to acquire it.
There are two common rules of life that you should recognize from your earliest childhood.

Remember these admonishment?

The first – heard in virtually everywhere:

  • Talk less. Listen more.

Second – maybe not as obvious but makes the difference for writers:

  • Less writing. more reading!Sometimes it feels like everything has been written already. There’s too much information on the web.

What Do These “Instructions” Mean to a Budding Expert Writer?

We can be honest and say that a whole lot of writing has gone on in the last several thousand years.  The best writings – produced by the best writers – reflect the application of both of these rules.  First, think about it, if you talk less than you listen you earn an opportunity to hear and internalize issues and concepts from other quality people.  If we were to always talk, we would risk missing that key element that makes our writing unique and worth reading.

Second, hand-in-hand with listening more is writing less.  Writing is simply another form of communicaton.  Just like talking, when we speak we can not hear.  Similarly, when we write we can not read others thoughts effectively.

Original, Oh, To Be Originalblueimagetheory Write As An Expert

Writers, and bloggers alike write to inspire, to influence to lead the readers to a special conclusion or “place”.  Most new writers and many who have worked for years ask a basic, commonsense questions.  Simply how can we inspire our readers?  Can we be original?  Will our writing influence the reader?

Just for a moment, think about yourself as an influential online writer.  Sure, it may be difficult – after all you have read this far, right?  Take the positive – long view – being influential in your niche or market is possible and very probable if you observe a few points along the way.

Key Point

You must accept hard work – no surprise here.  Anything worth having is worth working for.  Tackle your project(s) with energy knowing they will lead to your success.  Writing as an authority will require stretching yourself to new levels.

To meet your new challenges you need to learn and master the following talents.  Learn to:

  • How to create your own “voice” in your writing;
  • How to be original with your content.  Everything has been covered.  Cover it differently.  Look at that rose from a different perspective;
  • How to inspire your readers with your actual or subliminal calls to action.

Create Your Voice

Speak with authority.  Project it.  Learn what online authority is and how to manage your skills to maximize your impact in your relationships, conversations and writing.  Believe it or not even Google can learn how to reward offline authority.  Offline – where we don’t write.

It isn’t how often we speak, it is actually what we say when we do speak.  Offline authority actually is based on our capacity to influence, to cause others to change their mind, inspire them to take action.  That can lead to the world changing.

How Does Google Do It?

google SEO Write As An ExpertGoogle has an algorithm that ranks authors.  It does a good job of considering authority.  It will help Google reflect offline authority because an online article’s status will also be impacted by the writer’s “standing”.

What Makes Writers Influential?  Consider these examples from a list as long as you can imagine: What can make you influential? A few examples:

  • Discovering “the” primer solution to a life problem.  Think of a cure – Jonas Salk solved polio – and was influential;
  • Disclose deeply personal facts and experiences in your own life that others will relate to right away.  The loss of a child, job or an opportunity to love.  These really “get” to others because we can all relate to this and other experieinces;
  • Show the your readers you are “the source”, the one that over-delivers time and again – you are sincerely helpful to everyone and hold nothing back.

Most of us are content marketers.  The best in our industry have two key qualities.  The leading content marketers is above all else helpful – to a fault.  We hold nothing back.  We want our readers to learn all we know so that they will succeed.

We want to pay it forward.  That payment is passionate and generous.  It has a personality and a consistent recognizable voice.

How To Influence Your Market

Here are some steps you should evaluate for yourself.  Following them can result in you becoming one of the influences or the influence in your market.  Believe in yourself and watch your success grow every day.

1. Get inspiration and ideas from a bunch of different sources

You may think everything that could be written has been – but that is not exactly right.  Consider how you read a sentence and how others read that same sentence.  Writing is highly personal to each writer and is equally personal for each reader.  It is only a small portion of us that “connect” in that written post.  Those that don’t “get it” continue to look.

They are looking for a written post or comment that is written right for our perception, our opinion, our attitude.  That means there are always opportunities to create new and original content.  Reorganization, rethinking and reformed written material.  You are not just reproducing the same old stuff.  You must be original – what is your view?  Put it in your voice.

Here are a few ideas on how others have been successful in creating their own version of original.

  • Make a point of casting your net wide for ideas and concepts.  Go beyond the web and search outside your computer.  Learn and understand writers, philosophes, scientests, musicians, and anyone else respected in a field.  If these ideas inspire you – they can inspire others – presented properly.
  • Keep a “swipe file” of thoughts, inspirational quotations, ideas you have or others have expressed.  Leave a note book next to your bed.  You never know when your reading and research will result in that fantastic idea.  Imagine solving the common cold but failing to write it down because you sat bolt upright the night before.

2. Create a personal voice

Think about your heroes.  Who “gets it” in your opinion.  Who are the leaders in your field?  Who speaks directly to you and your personal goals?

One way to develop your personal voice is to evalate the writing style and techniques of your heroes ad favorites on the internet.  Look at their work.  Answer these key “hows” and see where they lead you.  How

  • Did your inspiration grab your attention – what was in the writing or post?
  • Did you become “drawn” to the post, site, program or presentation?
  • Did this writer construct or design the presentation.  Was it all show and no go or did it have solid qualities you could just “see”?
  • Did they present their closings?  When they wrote the famous call to action – were you influenced?
  • Do they use those trigger words?
  • Memorable was their writing?  Did you return to it or similar writing time and again?  Did you find something “new” on your revisits?
  • Are they linked to other readers, do they seem to be bound by a common theme or intention?
  • Would you describe their ability to be “different” than others in the same niche?

Do not parrot your hero – put effort into developing from your hero’s talents.  Devise your own voice and attitude.

3. Work and Become a Better Writermanwithblackpen Write As An Expert

One way to create new content is simply to recycle other ideas – presenting them in a new way.   The easiest way to see how to present something in a new way is to turn the concept around.  Do your own research and analysis.  Then take a shot at an article on how to do something.  Learn about the skills needed and then see if you are able to write a how not to do that samething.  For whatever reason, challenge the status quo.  Your research will lead to combination of ideas and reasons.

This may be useful to push you in the right direction – but you have to push the envelope.  Push hard to get better each time you write. Once you have a few articles under the belt – try new techniques in presentation and writing.  Look for the tough topics and then tie different views and ideas together in your new updated article – it will add value to the discourse in your niche.

Plan on becoming a better writer.  That plan must incorporate true, focused practice.  Work on increasing quality content and engage your mind in your writing tasks.  Lay out different stories.  Look for new and fresh angles.  Take time to experiment.  Above all  -  allow yourself time.  There is no better training system than time.

Leap from your comfort zone – you will simply not regret it – push forward and don’t fall back to your old habits.

4. Quick First Drafts – Get Ideas Not Perfection

These tasks are not for the faint of heart.  This is work and lots of it.  It is rewarding as you learn by writing, rewriting and writing again.   Speed may be useful but don’t use that as your only measure.

Try getting your ideas down on paper first – little if any critiques – don’t lose those thoughts.  Even if it is “poor” – it will be your thoughts and they will be improved with work.  This is really true if you really push yourself to make it work for you and your readers – give and give again.

Think about these points

  • Many of us write a whole page of thought.  As we go back and look it over, we will often see our best ideas “buried” in the center or in a closing sentence of the third paragraph.  When you do, move it to the front and keep working.
  • When you reread your draft – it is all over the place – no coherence – no real message.  That may be a good sign of creative thought.  Look back at your original idea.  Is it still the thrust of your product?  Perhaps your writing lead you to explore other thoughts that may well turn out to be the key thought in your series of creative ideas.  When you locate and decide on the idea – just get brutal – slash everything that won’t directly address your subject.
  • Don’t “polish” until you are near the end of writing.  Many misspellings can be addressed with auto correct or you can worry over them after you are ready to “clean up” the final copy.

The “bad idea” in the first draft can easily become the new original thought – don’t miss out on it.

5. The Power of The Closing – Call to Action for Marketers

We are influenced by what we read, see, hear and ultimately think.  The process of influencing readers is the attempt to direct these conclusions and make the reader take a specific action or decision.   Never limit your view to “just sharing” your view.  Your are a creator and that creation can influence reader decisions.  Expect it of your writing – as you grow you will be amazed at how good you can sincerely become.

The internet has a lot of writings, articles, ads, emails and the like that simply don’t measure up.  The reader is always subconsciously scoring the reading as they move along.  If the score is too low – well they never get to to the conclusion.  So writing must start out good and stay good to the very end.

Let your writing lead the readers to a final inspiration.  The way to do that is make each paragraph an inspiration.  The minimum inspiration should be at least to read the next paragraph and then the next.  Study how your heroes inspired you and then emulate their values and skills.

The Fact About Building Authority

To be really influential is tough – at first.  Your skills will improve over time.  Work hard, work creatively and be original in your approach.  Develop your voice and continue to craft your skills in each subsequent article.

Research, study and learn.  Share your opinion in various forms.  Enjoy sharing.  Don’t be a pale reproduction – make it an original to your own thinking.  Back your work up with your research and study.  Don’t be shy about authority – it is infectious.

Many of the writers who have influenced me have often pointed out that it is that one special article or post that marks a turning point.  Pillar articles are key components of a blog.  Those are articles that standout in your writing.  Often, pillar articles just materialize – they are not always invented.  That is when your skills really shine.  Enjoy the journey – stretch yourself and your skills.

Who Influenced Me

There is a whole list of internet marketers that have influenced me.  Two stand out in this writing.

Chris Farrell is the number one internet marketer for the last three years.  Check out our post on him almost a year ago – he is still going strong.  See proof of his durability on IMReportCard.com.  He has a fantastic training site.  I am affiliated with Chris for good reason.  His writing, his speaking and his work are top quality and always original.  Chris is also a leader in a key aspect of business – he constantly over delivers!  Chris gets it!  Chris delivers it!  There is more to learn from Chris than just internet marketing.  Those skills are the best on the net.  But his personality and skills in communicating are the kind I find the most persuasive.  Just like we said above – we want to learn and then develop our own style after getting a good solid grounding in Chris’ successful program.

Pat Flynn is my second example.  Pat started out in his business as a trainer teaching others how to pass a professional examination.  He passed the exam himself.  He wrote his experience in a blog and over time discovered he had become a source for others wanting to take the exam – and pass.  That was the start of a major internet business that focuses on training in a number of areas.  But like Chris, Pat also over delivers again – and – again without regard for himself.

What To Do Now

manwithglasssearch1 Write As An ExpertOK – what do you want to do?  Start creating your own voice.  Work, on your skills and ability to influence others.  Over delivery.  I want you to seriously consider checking out Chris Farrell Membership.  I am an affiliate.  If you click through and ultimately join, I get a commission.  It won’t cost you any more – but rewards me for helping you to one of those fantastic life changing experiences.

Check out Pat Flynn.  No affiliate here – just simply another marketer I admire and have learned a great deal from.  Check out Pat’s site as well.  It may also be another starting point for you as well.




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